We always promise our customers to exceed their expectations! Our portfolio is available in more than 70 countries and we’re looking forward to expand our network to achieve our main aim of expanding globally. Our work complies by Codex; to ensure the safest food.

We expand to add value:

Our strategy is to adapt to each customer's needs and each country's culture and it is the reason behind having enormous agents network in more than 64 countries around the world. Our factories have high production capacities and efficiencies to meet clients' requirements and deadlines. Sakr Group considers its clients as its business partners so in addition to providing customers with high quality food products we support our customers with any other requirements they need.

Customer service:

Our aim is to achieve the maximum clients' satisfaction in order to have long-term mutual relationships and to reserve our place in the markets we exist in. Sakr Group gets informative research from reputable research agencies to understand each country's needs and to be up to date with our clients' demands. Not only Sakr Group produces and delivers your orders but it also follows up and considers constructive feedback from its clients to avoid any obstacles in the future.

Countries we export to: